A downloadable game for Windows

Love_Bug is a game where you prevent your human from loving anyone but you, a computer!

Press "0" or "1" to type in codes and "Spacebar" to match the code!

Build your combo and gain a lot of score!

This game is a part of Confession Jam 2:

Special Credits to these lovely people:
Daniel D: Sound, https://www.danieldocherty.net/

Luna Do: Artist, https://www.danieldocherty.net/


Love_Bug x64 82 MB


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Could just be my laptop, but I'm unable to download the game. I'm getting this error: while extracting (Love_Bug/CCJ2/Content/Paks/CCJ2-WindowsNoEditor.pak): dmc_unrar_extract_file_with_callback: error 19: File CRC-32 checksum mismatch .  Sounds super cool and I've tried downloading from firefox instead of the itch app and it seems to work, I just need to figure out how to run a .rar file